Hi Honeys, I’m hoooome!  So you’ll be unsurprised to hear that I didn’t get a lot done sewing-wise while I was away on holiday, but I did drive over 3,500 miles (over 2,700 of which were on the wrong side of the road), walked an average of over 10 miles a day, climbed mountains, glaciers and waterfalls, walked round alpine lakes and rode in quite a few cable cars.  And I found a few fabrics shops – but in my defence, Anneliese told me about them as she’s originally from the Innsbruck area ;o)  I did get some of Jack’s bedding done, but I discovered I’d forgotten one constituent part for one side of the quilt, and the other involved lots of bad words and needs tools I only have at home to try and sort them out!

Finishes This Week:

Here’s the mattress and 2 pillows (Liberty no less) that have so far been made for Jack’s bed.  This is how we felt when we got home last night and saw our own beds:

In Progress This Week:

So gathering fabric is totally an in progress thing, right?  It’s in progress to gather it all out and plan with it…

I picked up this fabulous collection of jersey knits when I went to Grinsistern’s shops in both Innsbruck (handily round the corner from where I was staying) and their original shop in Kirchbichl.  Just before I went away I bought a couple of Blank Slate patterns for a t-shirt and a raglan short/long sleeved top/dress in support of her fundraiser for the survivors of the hurricane in Texas (because I have a small stash of jersey already that I’ve never used) but this was totally a reason to buy the right amounts of fabric for something, wasn’t it?

This one is, unsurprisingly, Jack’s favourite:

I also grabbed some ribbing for cuffs/necks, some of which I was more thinking of the stash at home:

And there was some double gauze too:

And some cork fabric end pieces that I bought because I’ve really wanted to try cork:

Also, I popped into a couple of shops in Lancaster with my mum whilst I was passing, and picked up some fun canvases:

And I visited Standfast and Barracks before they stop selling Liberty forever on Saturday (the production has moved from their factory to Italy unfortunately).  The small pieces on top are for quilting, but the big pieces I think I might make some clothing with.  It was only £4.50/metre, so I will have to remember that if things go wrong lol

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • I have a couple of magazine projects I started before I left which I need to finish
  • I need to get cracking with my samples for the Retreat (plus having some fun with extras for it too)
  • Petting my new fabric in anticipation of getting to use it ;o)

Hope you’ve all had a great few weeks!