I think I blinked and missed the last week (not least because I was convinced this was Tuesday for much of the day, hence the lateness of this post!)  Having lost pretty much all of last week to a day job disaster (and then a nap on Friday straight after work!) I spent Saturday doing prep for the retreat (which is NEXT WEEK!!!) and on Sunday I took an executive decision that I needed fresh air and exercise (after being shut inside for over a week) so I enjoyed the mostly sunny weather up in Perthshire where I wandered around Dunkeld Hermitage and the Queen’s View at Pitlochry with my camera and a small bear.  At one point I ended up sitting on a very big rock in the middle of some waterfalls and had a lovely chat with another lady that was out doing the same sort of thing (she didn’t have a bear though)  It’s back to the grindstone again this week though, and I’ve been cutting loads of interfacing and interlining for the retreat classes, plus sewing up bits of samples, with a wee bit more sewing left to do this week.

Finishes This Week:

You’re having a laugh!

In Progress This Week:

Don’t ask me why, but my feverish brain, when not tied up with ‘work stuff’ last week, found itself planning giant quilts, so I now have plans for 3 lots of fabric from yesterday’s post (which I wrote last week. It’s complicated!)

This is what I’m using for samples for the zipper class at the retreat. I loved diving into a stack of this long hoarded Laurie Wisbrun fabric (actually, this had been hoarded for pouches and things specifically, I just hadn’t made any!) and pulling these out for samples, I must dive into my bag stash more!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing retreat prep
  • Popping along to the Hobbycraft fair at the SECC
  • Having my hair cut
  • Catching as much sleep as possible before the retreat!

Have a great week everyone!