Following last week’s highlight of Urban Threads, our second sponsor that deserves a great shout out is Aurifil thread.

Aurifil has to be my favourite thread for all sorts of projects, and I’ll be showing off a lot of their range during the classes at the retreat.  As we have previously established, I do have quite the collection (and this doesn’t include the cone that’s permanently on the machine, or the 8 spools of neutrals that are right by my machine)

I’m looking forward to showing off the different weights of thread – as quilters I think many of us only know the 50wt, which is so perfect for piecing, but there are a number of other weights, from an even finer 80wt, for applique, to the 40 wt, which is suitable for bag making, to the 28wt and 12wt which are great for decorative stitching.  Then there’s the specialist threads like the shiny brillo and the wooden spools of embroidery thread.

If you’ve never tried Aurifil before, I urge you to give it a go – and as a tip, if it looks more expensive in the shop, have a look at how much they pack onto a spool, you’ll find it’s actually cheaper than the other big brands out there, and as there’s more on the spool, it lasts longer!