No seriously, how do you deal with them?  I’ve realised I have a bit of a problem.  When I first started quilting I was drawn to fabrics by Tula Pink and Melody Miller (before her C+S days – I do still love her stuff though!)  I loved the big, bold, beautiful prints, and I stocked up on a good few lines back before the £ went through the floor and in a time when USPS didn’t want a kidney in exchange for an overseas parcel.  The only thing is though, I’ve never been able to bear the idea of cutting them up to put them in a quilt!  My main issue with this is the scale of the print, and finding a way of actually showing off the featured patterns rather than chopping them up into such tiny pieces that they just contribute colour and no more – for that I could use much cheaper basics and solids.

Now the voices in my head say to me, when contemplating what I might make next, ‘For the love of god woman, use the fabric you’ve got, you could open a bloody shop!’ and whilst it’s generally not a good idea to listen to the voices in your head, this lot might be onto something and really I WANT to use them.  So I’m going to do something, I’m going to confess to the stash of fabric for quilting that literally gives me a mental block (I will also, at this point, confess to a separate stash of some of these for bag making, but for them I can show off big bits of fabric!)  I know some people would kill for some of these prints, so I will also apologise for hoarding and not using.

Above is my Melody Miller stash, most of which are at least a 1/2 m cut, but a good few pieces at least 1m.  To show off the scale of the problem, I roped in a little help, so in all cases consider Jack as ‘bear for scale’.  I didn’t photograph all the pieces BTW, just the worst culprits.

These telephones are huge.  I love, them, but they’re huge, and they effectively overlap, so there will be some ‘chopping them into bits’ when I do finally get there, as I don’t want to just cut out each individual phone.  The chopping into bits is where my anxiety starts.

And here’s some even more huge rollerskates, that I had totally misjudged the scale on when I bought them.  Again, love, but GINORMOUS.  They don’t overlap though…:

And then there’s alarm clocks and typewriters (I have all 3 colourways of those typewriters) and records

After that it’s onto hugemungous panels, like this one with arrows that are almost half the width of the fabric!  I have this in 2 colourways of about 1m each.

Or this one with approaching life size telephones:

Or this one with scary big blue heads:

I think I’m going to need to make some kind of king sized 60’s themed quilt, with panels on the back and some mishmash of all the other prints on the front somehow.  Any suggestions on how, gratefully received.  I think it’s not going to be a regular pattern though.

And then there’s the Tula.  Prince Charming aside (as I have actually got a vague plan for that)  this is the rest of the stash for quilting, along with a 1/2 yd bundle of Holiday Homies, not pictured here.  There’s 3 lines in that pile, a fat 1/8th bundle of Saltwater a the bottom, a FQ bundle of Fox Field and a FQ bundle of Elizabeth:

Here’s my big problem with Tula.  She tessellates her designs, so that you can’t just cut a square of it without there being some serious decapitation or amputation issues going on.  It physically pains me to cut through a person or animal, and I know it’s not real, and it’s just fabric but… well it just pains me.

For example with these 16th Century Selfies, there’s going to be a certain amount of ‘off with her head’ness:

And some of these horses may end up in the headless hunt:

This one makes my head hurt trying to work out how to split it up:

As for this one, I just hope I have enough to at least fussy cut one of each head:

So the Tula is really a whole ‘nother issue when it comes to making a quilt, although at least she has a load of basics mixed in that have less likelihood of mass genocide – any thoughts on what I could do with them?  I’d like something a bit more exciting than plain squares, but I want to see all the feature creatures.

Do you have any fabrics that you have struggled with?  Have you overcome them, or chickened out like me and stashed them?