For the past few years Amy from During Quiet Time has been creating patterns for paper pieced blocks with a Christmas theme.  I believe her end goal is to have a quilt’s worth of them, but in the meantime it’s fun to make other things from the blocks, so when this year’s Hot Cocoa And Peppermint block came out and Amy gave me a chance to try it, I knew I had to find a project to include it in.

Here’s Amy’s version:

And here’s mine:

Isn’t it a cute block?  Normally it finishes at 8″ x 8″, but I trimmed it down to 7″ x 6 3/4″ to fit the Desktop Cube from Sew Sweetness’ new Minikins patterns (more about them next week)  It’s absolutely perfect for fussy cutting the mug, and I admit I swapped out the peppermint for the more British Cadbury’s Flake option (because who doesn’t need more chocolate in their hot chocolate? ;o) )

This lovely block is on the easier side of FPP blocks, most sections have only a few pieces, and even the handle section, which has the most pieces, has only 12 parts.

Some of my other favourite Christmas block options currently available on Amy’s site are below, because you know you want to make a whole quilt of Christmassy things too.  I’ll set you the challenge to find all the other ones that aren’t here ;o):