The worst thing about writing for magazines is that your seasons get all out of whack, so I was making things in the middle of summer for this kind of last minute before Christmas rush/post Christmas pottering edition:

I’m not sure what it is, but for this issue I was thinking ‘new year, new babies’ – that’s how it works, right?!  Anyway, I thought up one thing, then fell down a rabbit hole on the Tactile Treasures site thinking up all the other things I could make with squeakers and rattles and teething rings and crinkle fabric and… okay, it got a little ridiculous, but they’re really good value (and no, this wasn’t sponsored, they were a little shocked when I ran into them by chance at the SECC and told them!)  Oh, and I was using Juxtaposy fabric with llamas on, so I made a llama ear teether.  No, I’m not in the least bit sorry ;o)

Let me know if you make any of these for your little bundles of joy!