Last weekend was the inaugural Thistle Patch Retreat up at Inchree near Fort William.  15 intrepid stitchers, 3 even more intrepid husbands, and 2 frankly amazing children, plus my 2 glamorous assistants and me made up our merry little band, and we spent a raucous and hilarious 4 days sewing, eating and drinking (although not necessarily in that order).  Some even did exercise in the form of morning jogs or hikes up to waterfalls, while others lay in ‘the most comfortable beds in the world’ until 11ish!  No matter, a good time was had by all.

Here’s some photos below from Instagram to give you a flavour of the weekend (check out #thistlepatchretreats to read the comments, which in some cases were funnier than the photos)

Some packed carefully:

While others emptied their entire stash into their cars (don’t ask about the oil, her husband was apparently worried there would be a shortage in Scotland.  Maybe he thought the North Sea would run out?!):

Some surveyed the proceedings soberly:

While others were anything but (actually I think at this point they hadn’t quite hit the gin for the day yet):

And the rest just built up a bar:

We really did sew though, don’t they all look studious here:

And people even finished things, isn’t this Glam Clam top by Anna amazing?

And this stitch sketching from our class – Margie used an Urban Threads pattern to work off:

Sheila W was busy finishing one of the pouches from the zippy class:

QN editor Katy was a bit of a dynamo on Sunday, this was her second finish!

There was secret sistering going on too throughout the weekend, which showed some seriously good stalking skills.  Lynne nailed Anna’s love of Tula and gin (we missed you Lynne!):

And then Phyliss thought Hannah needed more flamingos in her life:

Just in case you ever wondered how many people it takes to blow up a flamingo…

And finally some people did enjoy the outdoors too – this is the view from the chalets down Loch Linnhe early on the Sunday morning:

Sheila D was one of many to find the local waterfalls:

Anna’s husband and kids were marched up and down a glen by my dad (the fresh air and exercise wore out the adults, but not the kids):

If any or all of that appeals to you and you want to join us next year, there is a newsletter sign up over there on the right hand side where you’ll get advanced notice of when tickets go on sale.