‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, and our annual office shindig was on Friday night.  We ate, drank, were merry and danced our little feet off, and then I slept until lunchtime on Saturday – apparently 1:30 bedtimes are too much for me now ;o)  On the plus side, there was no hangover, on the down side, my sewjo got up and went until about 5 pm on Sunday when I suddenly took a notion to make 2 new Minikins.  As you do.  I have to say I’m definitely feeling the ‘nearly Christmas’ness of the time of year, not because I’m particularly looking forward to the 25th December, but because I finish on the 14th until the 3rd of January :oD  I have sewing plans, oh so many sewing plans.  And cleaning plans.  Those are less fun, but mean I can then sew guilt free.  As a taster though I’m meeting up with friends in Killearn on Saturday to sew, so I shall treat it as a preview of forthcoming attractions…

Finishes This Week:

Here are the 2 pouches from Sunday (’tis also the season for next to no daylight to take photos in), I’ve posted more about them here:

In Progress This Week:

I’m currently scratching my head over the next QN project because my calligraphy is refusing to work the way I want it to (and no, that wasn’t code for something!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the QN project
  • Working on a few more Minikins at my sewing day

Hope you all have a great week!