Sorry for the radio silence for the past couple of weeks, I ended up doing some insane hours last week for the day job, so I wasn’t sewing anything much!  I did manage one lovely day in Killearn 2 Saturday’s ago and sewed a Tomte and fixed someone else’s new Featherweight.  I did finally finish work last Thursday afternoon until the 11th January, and I cleaned the entire flat, top to bottom, finished my last magazine project for the year (and posted it), then discovered I’d chucked out my sewjo somewhere along the way too, so for the past couple of days I’ve pottered through some small projects that I unearthed during my cleaning spree.  Maybe it will come back today…

Finishes This Week:

The QN project, which is secret as usual, and I don’t have a teaser, sorry!

One of the things I found when cleaning was a phone case I’d bought when I got my new phone about 9 months ago, but then it didn’t quite fit as it turned out it was for the previous model and needed some minor surgery.  It took all of 5 minutes to fix (insert eyeroll here) but then I also needed a pouch for my headphones, so I knocked this up:

Then there was the Cotton + Steel Rifle Bond lawn that had been sitting waiting to be made into an infinity scarf for about a year.  It took about an hour, and because we get like 6 hours of daylight right now, and I finished after dark, here’s a terrible photo:

I also found this tester block I did for my giant economy block Christmas Cotton + Steel quilt (which I finished nearly a year ago) and it looked all lonely and forlorn, so I turned it into an ugly Christmas cushion.  I’m thinking of starting a new genre to go with ugly Christmas jumpers.

In Progress This Week:

I got this Tomte done in Killearn, from Moss and Lotus’ pattern pack, but he needs friends:

After that, nada, see reference to lack of sewjo above.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Make mince pies
  • Take gran to mum and dad’s for Christmas
  • Make Christmas dinner
  • Maybe find my sewjo

Have a great Christmas all!