Have you seen Bryanhouse Quilts new Rainbow Triangle 2018 Mystery Block Of The Month series?  It’s an ingenious combination of some of the different blocks in Becca’s Modern Triangle Quilts book, and a colour scheme from her Modern Rainbow book in a brand new setting.I got the chance to play along with it and I’ve been having so much fun with month 1, choosing all my colours and starting my blocks.  The great thing about this BOM is that if you want to have yours exactly the same as Becca’s, then she shows exactly which fabrics she used to make up her colour wheel – the names are all detailed in the instructions, but here’s a pretty view of them all laid out below:

Or you could be like me and rebel completely and use prints instead!  This is what I’m using below, although I’m going to have to order a couple more fabrics in certain colours to round out my wheel

The BOM has it’s own teaching site, and each month you get the following:

  • Summary for the month (January’s includes an introduction video) which tells you the colours combos for the month, cutting instructions in text form, and a note on where to get the templates from in the Modern Triangles book.
  • Videos to show you how to cut the fabric
  • A tips and tricks video to show you how best to prep the blocks
  • A video to show you how to sew the blocks together
  • A closing video and a question and answer section
  • A show and tell section for you to show what you’ve made
  • PDFs for the month’s information, in case you need to take it to an internet dead zone (like Killearn village hall ;o) )

January’s section also includes the colour guide mentioned above showing the numbers of each colour required, and the associated Kona colours if you want to make yours identical to Becca’s.  Finally, there’s a Discussion section that’s open throughout the BOM to allow you to ask questions etc.

For month one we had to make the following blocks in 5 different colour combinations.  Due to a certain amount of forgetfulness in taking what I needed to my sewing day on Saturday I didn’t get mine all done in time for today’s post (in fact I’ll be a wee while before I get the last one done as it’s one I need to order fabric for) but I did get this one all done.

The nice thing is that it took me about 20 minutes to cut one block and under an hour to get them all sewn together when I finally got my act together!  Because of the bias edges in this I chose to starch all my fabrics so that things didn’t get too bend out of shape, which added to my prep time, but as I starched the entire half metre cut of each one I’ll be totally set when I come to use them in the next block (and we’ll gloss over the fact that you actually only need a fat 1/8th of 9″ x 21″ of each colour lol)

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes, and hopefully I’ll get the rest of the ones I have the fabric prepped for done in the next few days.  If you want to play along too, you can find out all the details here, or if you want to jump right in, there’s a single payment option here, as well as a ‘pay monthly’ option available here until the end of February.

I hope some of you can join me on this rainbow adventure!  I’ll be posting my progress on IG too, so don’t forget to share there as well :o)

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