It’s been a slightly crazy week this week, which was topped off yesterday with thundersnow, because, you know, I needed icing on the cake :oD  I went back to work on Thursday (always a deeply joyful experience *ahem*) and on Saturday I got to have a lovely sewing day in Killearn.  Well it would have been a lovely sewing day if I’d actually packed anything to sew with.  It was a bit of a catalogue of disasters of ‘things I forgot’, including thread, thread stand, rotary cutter and enough starch for the project I needed to cut.  I think Kim’s ‘Oh Katy!’ button was getting a bit tired by the end of the day lol  I did get all my baby clams laid out though, so it wasn’t a total loss!  Sunday was quite productive on the sewing front, with a QN project completed and the first of my Rainbow Triangle BOM blocks sewn, but then this week I’m on a slightly weird split working day thing, so I’m a week bit thrown on time to get things done (although I did get another RTBOM block done).  I’ll be split working more this week, but maybe I’ll work it out better to get some sewing done!  I hope you have a slightly less mad week :o)

Finishes This Week:

The QN project is, as ever, secret squirrel, sorry!

In Progress This Week:

Here are all my baby clams laid out, cut using Latifah Safir’s 6″ Clammy ruler.  There are edge pieces too, but as they’re all solid navy, I didn’t really need to work out where they all went ;o)

And here’s my latest RTBOM block (see the first one on Monday’s post where I talk all about this fun BOM.  I have 2 more cut and ready to go, and then I’ll need to order some fabric for the last one:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • 2 RTBOM blocks
  • Another QN project
  • Filing my Tax Return – ugh!

Have a fab week!