I think I have the January Blues/the mehs/the whatever it is that hits you when your PC that you do everything on dies and you cannot resurrect it.  I tried everything, but had to resign myself to holding funeral services.  I’m so annoyed because it was only 3 years old, but on the plus side I save everything elsewhere so I didn’t lose data, just all my software that I’ll need to restore again when the new one arrives next week – waaaah!  I’ve been working on my laptop since, but it’s thrown me a bit trying to do pattern pieces for secret projects, not least because the graphics card is a bit wonky and everything’s a bit green, so all I’ve managed is a paltry 4 triangle blocks this week.  I’m doing a few things in the evenings, but I’ll tell you now, this coming weekend is my birthday and I’ll be singing all weekend at Celtic Connections (no, not Happy Birthday!) so don’t hold your breath on anything fabulous next week (I’ll probably be setting up the new PC anyway!)

Finishes This Week:

I finally got the last of the blocks for January for the Rainbow Triangle BOM done, and with days to spare too!  Having read the book at the weekend I can’t wait to see what February holds:

And here they all are together:

In Progress This Week:

The secret sewing project from hell!  Ahem!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Singing my little heart out
  • Setting up a PC (hopefully)
  • Maybe sewing a bit

Hope you all have a great week!