It’s that time of the month again when Quilt Now is dropping onto people’s doormats and hitting the shelves in the newsagents and supermarkets.  I have to admit to being a bit thrown about what to do at this time of year, but my co-contributors have nailed it with springy colours.  Now I just need spring to arrive.  Come on!  Heeeeeere little spring, out you come!  Meh, maybe next week…

As it happens the fabric part of mine is nice and springy, so let’s just pretend that was deliberate shall we?  When I was shopping for the baby toy rattles and things a few issues ago I spotted some blackboard fabric in the shop too, so I just had to have some for *something* and this month I found that thing, a blackboard for your To Do lists (you could also do shopping lists, wish lists, all sorts of lists!)

Happy reading and sewing!


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