What a week!  First my gran ended up in hospital (she’s okay, and home again now) then it was my birthday weekend, where we had a lovely time singing at Celtic Connections song school and going out for dinner on Saturday night at a fabulous, new-to-us restaurant, 111 By Nico, and then on Sunday night I came down with some lurgy that someone at the song school must have generously shared :o(  I got a little evening sewing done though, and pulled some fabrics for when I’m feeling up to sitting at the machine again without the need to run to the bathroom at the drop of a hat!  This Saturday I’m meant to be up in Killearn with friends though, so I hope it’s gone again before then.

Finishes This Week:

I got my next QN project finished, but it’s secret squirrel as usual.

In Progress This Week:

I pulled these for February’s Rainbow Triangle BOM – good news for anyone that’s been wavering about participating, but didn’t want to try and round up lots of colours, Stash Fabrics are now offering a kit to go with it, after the first round of kits sold out fast.  Grab one here:

These arrived for a commission for Sew Now magazine, QN’s sister publication.  I’m still waiting for some other fabric to hove in, bet you can’t guess what it’s going to be though ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the Sew Now commission
  • Get the next triangles sewn up
  • Maybe sew a baby clam or two in Killearn

Hope you all have a fab week!