So are you surviving the ‘Beast From The East?’ (for those of you in foreign climes, that’s what the papers have named our blast of cold wind and snow from Russia)  We’re sitting and waiting to see how it plays out, but it’s not been too bad so far, however, today’s the day it’s due to get worse here so who knows!  Anyway, I had grand plans for sewing last weekend, after cutting out a new magazine project, but alas, my gran ended up in hospital at lunchtime on Saturday so I spent most of the weekend up there with her.  Never mind, there’s always next week!  I also got my Giant Clammy back, and managed to get it bound by Friday evening, but I’d been going to use the end burying as a teaching exercise that I was going to record, so I’m afraid you’ll need to wait a bit yet before it gets its glamour shots.  How about you, did you have a good week?

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

This is a sneaky peek of the Giant Clammy, post binding:

This little lot is now cut up into a project:

And this is what caught my eye on Thursday and decided it wanted to be a project at the weekend.  I’d bought the fabrics in a sale along with a number of other pieces with the idea of boosting my Karen Lewis Textiles fabric collection, but then when I saw them on Thursday, sitting on their wee shelf, I just knew they had to play together:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Retrieving gran from the hospital
  • Trying not to freeze
  • Maybe sewing that fabric together, who knows!

Have a great week :o)