Remember how last week I was waiting for snow?  Well I wrote the post on Tuesday night and bam, it hit that night, and it kept on hitting for days.  Some of it melted, and now it’s been doing it again this week.  It’s March damnit, give it up already!  My poor gran was stuck in the hospital with no visitors for several days because of the snow, but thanks to her neighbours digging my mum’s car out, she was able to rescue her and bring her home on Friday.  I didn’t even get a snow day from work to sew either, we were just made to work from home, so mean!  Anyway, I hope anyone that was snowed in is now out again, and that at least other people got lots of snow sewing done!

Finishes This Week:

I got my March blocks done for the Rainbow Triangle BOM:

And then I tried to get fancy and lay out all 3 months so far, but it didn’t work very well lol  I’m loving all the saturated colours though:

I got all my ends buried on my Giant Clams, now I need it to stop raining/sleeting/snowing long enough to take a photo of it!

In Progress This Week:

This lot has got chopped up a wee bit, but I’ve got a quilter’s block at the moment.  I want to be totally improv, but it’s messing with my OCD, accurate little mind!

I also recorded a video about sewing curves, but that needs to be edited, not least because I kept being interrupted by the ice cream van.  Yes, you did read that correctly, the ice cream van in a snow storm.  Welcome to Glasgow ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • It’s a Killearn week this week, so I’ll be working on the baby clams
  • I’m hoping that improv block shifts!
  • If not I’ll edit the video ;o)

Have a fab week all!