Well it’s been a fairly damp and miserable week weather-wise, but on the plus side it managed not to snow so I was able to get up to Killearn for my sewing day with the girls.  Although it managed to rain all day, we did get a small photo-shoot done (we thought it had stopped precipitating, turned out it had gone from heavy drizzle to actual rain drops, so was less obvious when looking out the window), and the lovely Jo brought us back sparkly fabric from Quilt Con and regaled us with tales of that while Sally and Mary opened a few eyes over the youth of today (I think Kim’s ‘Oh my goodness!’ button was broken by the end of the day)  Other than that I manically worked on a ridiculous project that has absolutely zero purpose, but it feels good to have got it out of my system a bit!  This coming weekend I have to day job with a big deployment, so not sure how much sewing I’ll get done, but we’ll see :o)

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

This is the manic project.  It’s now a completed, not-exactly-mini top measuring 30″ x 30″.  I’m going to tie this one rather than quilting it, and at some point I may even find a wall to hang it on!

I got some more baby clams done in Killearn as well.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The grand TFS 2018 upgrade/migration
  • Who knows what else will fit in there!

Have a great week all :o)