Have you ever found yourself happily pressing fusible interfacing to your fabric, gone to lift it off the ironing board and found that it’s actually stuck there because a bit of your interfacing protruded past the edge of the fabric and the glue has now stuck to the ironing board? No, me neither… *ahem*

Should your ‘friend’ ever have this problem though and they then found that when peeled away the glue was left on the ironing board, there is a way of picking up a few bits.

Here’s what you will need: 

  • A jug/bowl of cold water
  • An old cotton hanky or other pure cotton scrap that you’re not attached to (I actually use the hanky that I also use as a pressing cloth)
  • A warm iron (don’t set it at its hottest, we just want to melt the glue enough to move)

How to remove the glue:

  • Take your piece of cotton and dunk it in the cold water
  • Squeeze most of the excess water out so that it’s not dripping wet
  • Place the damp cloth and place it on top of the gluey bit on the ironing board
  • Place your iron on top – note that just as you should leave it still when applying interfacing, you need to leave it still here for around 5-6 seconds
  • Remove the iron and peel back the cloth from the gluey bit – it should have lifted off onto the cloth (if not, move to another damp place on the cloth, or resoak it)
  • Wash the cloth to remove any lingering glue
  • Breath a sigh of relief that you won’t be sticking everything to the ironing board in the future.

Note that if your friend has ironed the entire thing the wrong way up and it’s ALL stuck to the ironing board they need a new cover, ain’t nothing shifting all that glue easily!

If your friend happened to place their iron on the glue side of the interfacing then I have found Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner works brilliantly. I mean, my friend has ;o)