I’ll be very honest with you and say that there’s not been much progress on the sewing front this week.  In fact, I haven’t sewed a single stitch since, erm, last Wednesday.  You see, when I went up that very steep hill a couple of weeks ago apparently I caught a thing, and then when I went to the doctor’s on Friday he gave me drugs to fix the thing, but it feels like he was going with the ‘Kill or cure’ approach because ugh, steroids that leave you wired to the moon, and antibiotics that make you feel queasy are not a happy mix.  Thankfully, just before this little cocktail of ‘fixes’ kicked in, I got to go and see Krista Hennebury, aka Poppyprint, at the lecture she was giving at the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild on Friday night, and then had a lovely journey back to Glasgow chatting to Irene.  After that though, all bets were off, and so I have found myself lackadaisically playing with my Sizzix and some leather scraps, and otherwise fixing the iTunes that’s been in a mess since my old PC died and cataloguing everything I’ve read in my adult life on Goodreads (that I can find proof of in the form of the book being on the shelf, in my Kindle or my iPod)   Apparently I’ve read nearly 800 books in 20-odd years, which surprised me as I’ve been through quite long periods of not reading very much in recent years.  I think I’ve climbed back on the horse again now though, so if you have any suggestions along the lines of ‘Cosy Mysteries’ or good women’s fiction (not chick-lit) then let me know.

Finishes This Week:

You’ve got to be joking.

In Progress This Week:

This is for the bag that’s been waiting for 6 years or so to be made, and some of these things might make it on the front.  Then again, they might not.  The ick has sapped my creativity at the moment I think:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • To be well enough to go to Killearn on Saturday, I need to just sew!
  • Maybe a QN project
  • Maybe I’ll work more on that bag…

Hope you all have a great week!