So it turns out that if I have no deadlines, I’m more productive.  How does that work exactly?!  This week I had no magazine work and an extra day in the form of a bank holiday Monday, and I managed 8 quilt blocks (well, 12 actually due to bonus blocks when cutting), then added 6 rows to my baby clams in Killearn, made a pair of espadrilles that night, finished a possible magazine project on Sunday while washing a pile of washable paper for another project and had a play with some fabric and a book for a little side project on Monday.  I doubt I’ll be as productive this week as on Saturday I’m taking my gran and her friend on a picnic (well, taking the picnic and my gran to her friend really) and of course it’s just a normal 2 day weekend, but we’ll see :o)  How about you?  Do you work better with deadlines or without?

Finishes This Week:

Here are the final blocks for the Rainbow Triangle BOM.  Next month we get to learn how to lay them all out for actual quilt assembly:

And here’s one each of all the blocks so far – there’s 4 of each of these blocks in total, so 100 blocks in all (if you’d told me in January I’d have made 100 blocks by this time of the year I’d have told you you were quite mad!)

Here’s the espadrilles I made using leftover fabrics from a Quilt Now project from a couple of years ago.  I loved the colours in this line by Bari J, but didn’t really have enough to make a big thing.  I have enough of a couple of other prints to use with the remaining pair of soles I have, but I want to make them a little different, so I’m pondering what I’ll do right now:

As usual there isn’t a pic of the magazine project, but you can just use your imagination with these scraps ;o)

In Progress This Week:

Here’s my progress on the baby clams from Killearn:

This is the bundle I used for the Rainbow Triangles, but now I’ve used all I need to for that, I have quite a lot leftover – I mean to be fair, the BOM only needed fat 1/8ths while I bought 1/2 m cuts, and then kept adding to the original lot I’d got to get more colour variation across my rainbow, so I think there’s probably a good few projects I can still get out of them!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Last week’s luggage tags are starting to look squished enough finally, so I’ll sew them together
  • The washable paper is calling my name to be made into a thing

Hope you all have a great week!