Well as predicted, I was not as productive this week as I was last week, what with marshalling a picnic for a 93 year old and a 98 year old on Saturday (plus the 98 year old’s daughter, whose age we are far too polite to mention – these things only get important at either extreme of your life ;o) ).  Funnily enough, at that age the participants weren’t up for picnic blankets or even picnic tables, so we had it inside with the window open and admired the sun!  On Sunday I did loads of prep for an upcoming sew along that I’ll be hosting a little bit of.  I think cutting might rank up there as my most hated part of quilting, but now I’ve been able to do a bit of sewing too it has soothed me.

Finishes This Week:

Possibly the last of my sanity at the picnic and the subsequent tour round Morrisons…

In Progress This Week:

This is as much as I can show you of the sew along at the moment, but I’m looking forward to showing you more in a few weeks.  I’ll be using this long hoarded bundle of Lecien Flower Sugar:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Love Sewing commission, if the fabric arrives
  • More sew along prep
  • Those luggage tags (I made the mistake of taking them out from under the heavy thing and leaving them for a week, and 3 of the bits curled right up again – argh!)