For once Scotland is bucking all weather trends and we’ve had another glorious week, almost unheard of on a bank holiday weekend!  I had great plans for going out to enjoy it, and I did get a bit of a walk in on Sunday, but then on Monday I went to a new gym first thing and broke myself so all my plans went out the window while I babied myself lol.  Anyway, I did get a project finished for Love Sewing (the somewhat cryptic cover shot for the blog), published 6 patterns and got prep done for a sew along I’ll tell you all about on Friday, so it wasn’t a total loss ;o)  Hope you’ve all had a lovely week too!

Finishes This Week:

This is the Love Sewing Project which will be coming soon to a magazine stand near you:

In Progress This Week:

This lot is being prepped for the applique section of the sew along after I finished the pieced section:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More applique prep
  • Somebody’s upcoming birthday pressie

Have a fabulous week all!