Last time we looked at Washi Tape, for this week’s post we’re looking at the humble chopstick, which is another odd item to find in your sewing toolbox, but is in fact very useful.

As you can see below I have a ridiculous range of chopsticks, because if there’s going to be one in my toolbox then I want it to be fun at least, but a bog standard takeaway one works just as well ;o)

So what exactly is a chopstick?

In unlikely event that you’ve been living in a place that east Asian cuisine has not reached in some form or another, chopsticks are eating implements generally made from bamboo, wood, plastic or stainless steel. Having tried out a few options, I tend to favour the bamboo or wood ones, the pointier the better, although you want to be careful how much pressure you place on them, or they can end up like this!

Where can I use chopsticks?

My favourite uses for a chopstick are:

  • Poking out corners on things like cushions and bags
  • Smoothing out curves on things like pouches and bag flaps after they have been turned right sides out, where the curve has been clipped in the seam allowance – I run the chopstick all the way around the entire curve to ensure it has fully turned through prior to pressing/topstitching
  • As a stuffing stick for toys and pincushions
  • To hold onto the tiny wee end of a pinless curve before it goes under the needle, eg for drunkard’s path quilt blocks

Have you got any other fabulous uses for chopsticks in sewing? Let me know in the comments!