It’s time once again to have a rummage through my sewing toolbox, and review another very useful thing that one might not expect to find there. This week it’s the humble flat head screwdriver.

So what exactly is a flat head screwdriver?

That would be a tool for inserting/removing screws, and while those properties alone would make it quite useful, there’s a couple of other things too.

Where can I use flat head screwdrivers?

My favourite uses for flat head screwdrivers are:

  • Removing the throat plates on my sewing machines so I can clean them out (yes, you are actually meant to do that on a regular basis!)
  • Assisting bulky seams in going under the foot on your sewing machine
  • Pushing over the prongs on bag hardware, such as on magnetic snaps

Have you got any other fabulous uses for flat head screwdrivers in sewing? Let me know in the comments!