I think the heatwave has finally stolen my sewjo – for these past few days I’ve just not really been feeling it.  Clearly I need some torrential rain to clear the fug in my head!  Or perhaps to not sew hundreds of wee squares together monotonously, that might have done it too…  Anyway, I had a nice day in Killearn on Sunday even if I did only add on one more row of clams and then spent the rest of the time chatting, perusing other people’s books and passing on ‘handy’ tips to my neighbour ;o)  How about you, are you a good summertime sewer or have you also lost the will?

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

Other than the clams (which I didn’t take a photo of) I decided I would cut and sew all the river and grass bits for my My Supersized Small World extension panel.  I got the first two panels completed and sewn together, then did all the remaining river (barring one block that needs a decision on the building above) and almost all of the grass:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • New magazine project for Sew Now
  • Video for an applique technique in time for a sew along in a couple of weeks
  • Maybe a few more squares of grass

Have a great week all!