It’s time for another rootle around in my tool box, and this week I’ve come up with my Magic Seam Marker by Sew Easy, a fabulous and cheap little addition to the toolbox (I actually keep mine in the package so I don’t lose it!):

Otherwise known as a quilter’s wheel, this nifty little tool is used with templates that come without seam allowance, such as for applique or orange peels to add a 1/4″ one round the outside.

To use it, you pop a pencil in the hole in the centre of the wheel, then place the template on your fabric and using the pencil to guide it and mark the seam allowance, roll it around the edge.  I find it easiest to draw around the template directly as well to make it easier to find the stitching line on odd shapes.

If you want to see me using one, check out the video I did for the Friendship Quilt Along a couple of weeks ago.