Well the European Championships, or at least my part in it, has finished.  Because of the shifts I was on I saw little of the rowing, but I did manage to get to see some of the cycling at the velodrome, including one Dutch guy that we’re pretty sure never stopped cycling from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, and he still won!  Anyway, this coming weekend I have a bit of a break before the annual mad office charity event the following weekend, but I’ll leave you in suspense about that until next week ;o)  Despite everything going on I still managed to squeeze in a little sewing this week in between shifts before heading back to the day job, so I have a completed My Supersized Small World top, and a nearly completed Friendship Quilt Along top (a little ahead of schedule!)

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

Tada!  Here’s My Supersized Small World top, the top half of which came from a pattern by Jen Kingwell that I doubled in size and made back in 2015 as part of a Quilt Along.  I designed the bottom section at that time, but left it to linger, forgotten about, until a tidy of my WIP cart a few weeks ago revealed it, so I polished it off.  Now I need to save up my pennies to buy backing and get it quilted – I have visions of it being graffiti quilted, but I don’t know anyone in the UK that does that, so I’ll need to think on it a while:

Here’s where I’ve got to on my Friendship QAL top – there’s another round of ‘bricks’ to go in, and then another white border, so I’m nearly done – it’s actually square, I promise, but my design wall is in 2 parts and it didn’t hang very straight, so what can you do?  It’ll only be 72″ square (as opposed to MSSSW which is 104″ square!) so I’ll probably quilt this one myself, probably with a diagonal grid – good idea or not?  Answers in the comments

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the Friendship QAL top, perhaps with quilting
  • Pondering a few other upcoming projects

Have a fab week all!