Sorry I’ve been a little absent, I over-volunteered and got a horrible chest infection and not a lot of sleep for a few days, so I’ve been downing antibiotics the size of horse pills and trying to regain my equilibrium.  Needless to say there hasn’t been a lot of sewing, but I did try and sidle up to a project that’s been eluding me for a while.  I’ve been trying to make myself a new laptop bag for months, I cut all the pieces out ages ago, and I’ve been stuck on the flap ever since.  I know I want to decorate the flap, I have a picture in my mind, I just can’t quite get it into reality.  For some reason I thought I had to do that first, then I could make all the other bits so it’s been stalled in this state for several months, but last weekend, in between coughing fits and naps, I had a brainwave that maybe I could make everything else and do the flap last, so I did.  Well, I made 95% of everything else and I finished a case for my tablet that matches the laptop bag that isn’t done, except it doesn’t quite fit.  When empty it does up just fine, but with the tablet inside I apparently underestimated the flap overlap distance and so the 2 halves of my invisible magnetic snap don’t actually meet.  This means I’ll need to take a good chunk of it apart to fix it which is really not thrilling me at the moment.  Maybe I’ll sort it this weekend.  After the flap is done, which will be after getting the tyres on my car looked at and getting my haircut.  Did I mention that I want to take them on holiday with me when I go next Thursday?!  Ugh!  Maybe I’ll take the old bag/case instead, but I can at least try (I know, I’m very trying)

Finishes This Week:

This is the finished, but not really finished tablet case  At least the stylus fits, right?

In Progress This Week:

Here are my bag ‘bones’.  At the back there is a fully completed lining which contains 6 pockets of varying sizes, including a padded laptop pocket.  There is also a front with pockets and buckles for the flap to attach to, along with a faux leather gusset (I feel a little like I might be channelling Ann Summers here) and an adjustable faux leather trap.  I haven’t added the back, because I need to add the flap first and… well that’s where we came in, wasn’t it, the very awkward flap!


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • I’d really like to wrestle this set into submission!
  • I need to pack for my holiday, now do I bank on crappy ‘autumn in the UK’ weather, or hold out on Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Alsace having a heatwave again…

Hope you have a great week all!