Phew, it’s been a bit of a mad week trying to get everything ready for me going on holiday tomorrow (I might be at the counting down the seconds stage now, it’s been a long year!)  However, the car tyre is sorted, my hair is cut, I’ve made arrangements to meet people along the way, I’ve eaten all the perishable food, I’ve packed everything and I’ve finished my laptop bag and toiletry bag and another little thing I’ve been working on, so I’m feeling strangely zen right now.  I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…  So with that in mind it’ll still be a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks, but I’m sure my IG will have lots of travel pics if you want to catch up with me!

Finishes This Week:

This will get its own post for next week as there were a number of ’emotions’ attached to making it (some good, some bad!), but here’s my new laptop bag:

And this is the replacement for my baby wash bag that I use in the gym and when taking short holidays.  It will be coming with me this time as I’ll effectively be doing a number of mini holidays chained together so I’ll only be taking a weekend sized bag into the accommodation of the day and leaving a big bag in the car to switch clothes in/out of.  Aren’t the wee bottles that will be going inside cute?  eBay FTW!

There’s another secret squirrel project that I can’t share sue to the recipient reading this blog!

In Progress This Week:

I started teeny piecing for a thing (the blocks will be trimmed, but need fusible interfacing on the back, so I made them a little bigger to allow for a little shrinkage with that)  I still have another few of these to go when I get home:

To Be Worked On The Next 3 Weeks:

  • Photography
  • A few Belgian waffles and some French and German ice cream
  • Relaxing?  (my holidays are more about galloping around all day to be honest, but maybe in the evenings…)

Have a great few weeks!