It was a Killearn week this week, and I spent a lovely day with my fellow Stirlingshire Stitchers on Saturday sorting out all my Rainbow Triangle BOM blocks, and pottering around with some other long-lurking projects.  Pretty much the whole of Sunday was spent getting all the stock in my shop for my new Featherweight venture, check out Monday’s post for more details on that.  Other than that, I got part of a Folksy Fish done, but not enough to get photos (and it’s dark and miserable before and after work now)  What about you, how has your week been?

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

Next month is the final one in the Rainbow Triangle BOM where we will add the main background, which is white (this surprised a lot of people on Saturday)  I got as much as I can sewn together, but there are 4 triangles waiting to learn how they will join the background and by extension joined to the cross sections.  The yellows do actually have a bit more contrast IRL, but this was indoors with my phone at Killearn, so you get what you see!

Bits of a Folksy Fish in pink

To Be Worked On This Week:

It’s my gran’s birthday this weekend, plus I’m getting my hair cut and it’s the gym’s Christmas party (I know, I know, they wanted to avoid clashing with all the work dos in December) so I’m not promising anything right now!

Have a great week all!