So if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I’ve had a hoppy kind of a week after I dislocated my knee on Thursday night.  For anyone wondering, I was in bed, fast asleep and didn’t notice it happening, I just discovered that I couldn’t bend my leg on Friday morning!  A quick 2 hour jaunt through A&E and I’m now the proud owner of a massive splint that totally prevents me from bending my leg and an appointment at the knee clinic tomorrow morning.  I did manage to get some sewing done in between trying to rest it and bathe it to try and reduce the swelling, and Jack is enjoying snuggling under the quilt he’s been waiting for for years!  My shoal of Folksy Fish grew as well, so now I’m up to a whole 4.  At this rate I’ll have a quilt by, erm, 2030-ish.  This Saturday I’m teaching someone to climb (obviously not using the ‘I’ll show you how’ method!) but then I might ponder another fish or perhaps another item from my Vlieseline Creative Pack.  How about you, did you get up to anything good this weekend?  Are all your limbs in tact and in the right place?

Finishes This Week:

This is the teeny quilt I made for Jack, with ridiculous 1/2″ squares (finished), but using the fabulous fusible Quilter’s Grid to help line everything up perfectly (you can read more about it in Monday’s post):

In Progress This Week:

Here is this week’s Folksy Fish.  Safe to say that when I come to repeat the fish and adapt them, this one will not be getting repeated in its entirety, the body was insane to piece!  In case you can’t see, there’s 3 colours in there, with a tiny strip between each triangle…

And here’s the shoal so far:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Walking unaided
  • Not letting any more limbs wander off unbidden
  • Maybe another fish or two

Have a great week all!