Remember how I was going to Killearn last Saturday?  Well, that went out when I had to work, and then I got slammed by the flu on Friday and all bets were off.  I have been in bed for most of the time since then, however I did manage to post on Instagram about one lone little Tomte as part of the Tomte Sew Along 2018 for Moss & Lotus’ fun pattern pack.  At my current rate of going, I’ll have a whole Christmas quilt’s worth by about 2050!  On the advent calendar front, the majority went for stripes, and my buttons finally arrived on Friday, but as you can imagine, it will become a project for next year.

Finishes This Week:

The last of my sanity.

In Progress This Week:

Here’s my lone Tomte, Nes, whose grey snow storm is somewhat reflective of the miserable cold, grey weather we’ve had this week.  I think there’s been a couple of days it didn’t really bother to get light, but it might just have been that I slept through what little there was.  Next to Nes is Halvor who I made last year on what was obviously a brighter day!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Since predicting what I’ll be doing for the week has been somewhat hazardous to my health in the past few weeks, we’ll just go for surviving the week!

Hope you all have a great week!