I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you. This last week I’ve been cleaning the flat, unearthing WIPs (some of which I’ve finished since) and cooking/baking. This coming week I’ll be going to the gym and seeing what I can sew – I’m determined to get rid of some lurking WIPs that have been around for a while in half finished states, so I might do a bit of that. What about you? Have you got lots of sewing plans to fill your time between now and the New Year?

Finishes This Week:

A couple of years ago when I did the video for my class on Skillshare to make a basic tote bag, I did a number of step outs which have been sitting ever since. I dug them out when I was cleaning and decided to finish them off and pass them on to people that would appreciate them, so here’s 6 finished totes:

I also finished my advent calendar… just in time for next year!

And then there was new Christmas bedding for Jack:

And finally there’s gran’s cushions for Christmas, seen here in situ:

The fabric for the cushions has a fabulous pattern/texture:

In Progress This Week:

I have a couple of secret projects that I can’t share for now, but trust me I’m working on them ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the secret projects
  • Getting my gym washbag made up (one of the many WIPs unearthed!)
  • Maybe working on a new pattern (we’ll see how fast time escapes!)

Have a lovely week all, and a great New Year!