Continuing my adventures in weaving, Modern Weaving, by Laura Strutt is the second of the set of books I bought after I accidentally acquired a small flock of fake sheep’s worth of yarn and a couple of looms.

I bought each of the books because different things attracted me to them in the limited amount I could preview on Amazon, in a couple of cases, like this one, it was because the over project attracted me.

This book isn’t as funny as ‘Weave This’ was, but it’s more technical, and has some different techniques in it. Each of the projects have weaving diagrams to help you to try and replicate the project exactly, which is helpful for those that don’t really want to imagine a thing, but just follow someone else’s instructions. They look a lot like cross stitch diagrams, so if that’s you’re thing, you may already have a head start.

One of my favourite new techniques in this book was adding in pompom trim, and I have to admit to having eyed up a whole rainbow of colours of it in different sizes (I haven’t actually ordered any… yet)

My favourite projects in the book are:

  • The cover project, ‘Chunky Neon Banner’ on page 112
  • The ‘Textured Banner’ on page 36
  • The ‘Aztec Motif Phone Case’ on page 66
  • The ‘Mini Monochrome Hanging’ on page 104
  • And what should appeal to every quilter, the ‘Triangle Book Bag’ on page 124

I’m looking forward to giving some of these a go, and now I have an excuse for all the wee balls of different colours of cotton yarn I bought when I make the Triangle bag ;o)