Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely start to 2019, whether you partied til you dropped, or like me sedately sewed in the new year. It’s funny, in the gym on Monday we were all talking about how we were spending our Hogmanay, and none of us were going out partying, although a couple of the boys thought they might head round to their parents’ house to mooch free party food maybe your 30’s are the new 90’s ;o)

Finishes This Week:

I’ll be all set for my post gym showers with a new washbag (you may recognise this as being identical to my going on holiday one, what can I say, it was a good combo and I had leftovers!)

In Progress This Week:

I finished the top for this, however I haven’t been able to get a photo, you’ll need to wait until I’m reunited with my trusty carpark on a non-windy/rainy day!

I also got this pieced and quilted, I can’t show you the full project just yet as it’s for an upcoming blog hop, but I can tell you that the dense quilting took FOR-E-VER!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Turn the mystery star into a cushion
  • Working on some new patterns – I’ll explain more about them in some upcoming posts :o)

Have a fabulous first week of 2019!