‘Twas the first week back at work, and man, some people got crazy pills for Christmas! It’s been more than a little nutty, but I was somehow energised for some mad creating after I had my ‘Happy New Year To Me’ massage on Saturday morning. Plus when I got back to work on Wednesday last week I got a couple of squishy parcels I’d forgotten all about, which led to diving down some new rabbit holes. How has your new year been so far?

Finishes This Week:

On Friday I managed to finish the secret project I posted about last week, I’ll reveal all for that on Friday this week:

The first finish on Saturday was this neck/ear warmer thingy. When I was in Austria 15 months ago I accidentally went up a glacier, which was, unsurprisingly, snowy and icy. As I’d been expecting to go up by cable car, I hadn’t layered up too much, but then I got up there and the top cable car was closed so I’d have to hoof it, which led to me buying some warm weather gear, including a Buff which was half fleece, half whatever the stretchy stuff a Buff is normally made from. The only problem with it is, is that it’s tight on my head and when I have my hair tied back, it’s actually quite painful, so when I found a jersey remnant I’d picked up for something else entirely years ago, and then remembered that I had funky cow print polar fleece that would go with it, I made a version for myself that is a teensy bit bigger.

The next thing I ticked off was a gigantic oval rope basket to hold some of the yarn from one of those rabbit holes I mentioned earlier:

In Progress This Week:

I would totally have finished 2 shower caps had I not discovered that I only had the outer fabric and not the lining I thought I had, so the outers are cut out and waiting on a delivery from the fabric fairy (sorry, I forgot to take a photo)

This little lot is now cut up to be pieces of a bag that’s in the works. I love vintage Melody Miller from Kokka because it was all in lovely linen, and I’ve collected bits from online sales over the years, especially the day I was in A&E while they sorted out my dislocated knee and The Eternal Maker was having an Instagram destash!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The bag
  • Whatever wanders into my bag for Killearn
  • Maybe I’ll get my loom set up…

Hope you all have a fabulous week!