I got struck down by the lurgy on Thursday, and all my weekend sewing adventures went up in smoke. Instead, I’ve been sleeping a lot and doing very little (which is hard for a person that does not naturally do little!) I did get a little unsewing done, which has been waiting for about 3 months (it was initially waiting for a new, sharper seam ripper, and then other stuff intervened in the meantime) I also tried a wee bit of miniature weaving, and I’ve prepped some paper piecing templates for those of my 90 blocks that will need them, but that’s been it since then. Maybe this weekend I’ll feel more like it?

Finishes This Week

Uh, no.

In Progress This Week:

Last Wednesday, before the plague invaded, I got another of my 90 blocks done:

And here’s my unsewing evidence (although it’s also secret sewing, so that might make it secret unsewing)

And here’s my start on the mini weaving. It’s definitely a work in progress and a learning experience…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Feeling better!

Have a great week all :o)