It’s been another productive sewing week round here, I’ve got all but the bonus block from my Trinket Quilt made, and I also got 16 hearts made to send to Angels In Gumboots in New Zealand, who’s doing a block drive to make quilts for all the victims in last Friday’s horrendous terror attack in Christchurch. For anyone in the UK who would like an extra hand in making these blocks, I’m offering £2 off and free shipping on the Clearly Perfect Angles in my shop, which will speed up the HST part no end, just use the coupon CPANZ before next Monday (25/03/19)

Finishes This Week:

Here are my heart blocks for Christchurch. They have a goal to make a quilt for each person killed, with a stretch goal of one per survivor, which would need 2000+ blocks, so if you can help, please check out the link above:

In Progress This Week:

Here are all my Trinkets, with the exception of the bonus block. They may look in an odd configuration here, but it makes sense to me, honest!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Assembling my Trinket quilt top
  • A little secret sewing, which I hope will be quite quick
  • Hopefully getting My Supersized Small World trimmed and bound

Hope you have a great week all!