The last of my weaving books arrived just before I ended up madly busy and then ill, but I’ve finally had a chance to read it and therefore review it for you.

Woven Art, by Elena Vilar, was originally published in French in 2017, but the nice people at Search Press took pity on those of us who never really got further than ordering a train ticket, or a plate of chips in French at school, and translated it into English. It was written off the back of her lovely blog, Deer Jane and showcases 15 different weaving projects and uses looms made of everything from cardboard to hula hoops, as well as a few projects that don’t use a loom at all.

I enjoyed the range of projects in this book, although I discovered, when ill and attempting a tiny 2″ weaving, that making patterns in a weaving project is a tad more tricky than it looks (or perhaps I was just a little over-ambitious in my first project!) Still, the book added a few more techniques for me to try compared to the previous 3 books I purchased, and I look forward to attempting some embroidered weaving and making some t-shirt yarn from a few items I’ve just retired from my wardrobe – watch this space for attempted projects!