I took some time out on Friday night and Saturday to hang out with the family for mother’s day (although my gran thought it was the week before and that we’d all forgotten?!) We did a we jaunt down the Clyde estuary to Ardardan garden centre and farm shop, then moseyed on round the coast a bit before cutting back over to Loch Lomond and heading home. It was a lovely day for it, if a little cold and windy.

In the meantime I did manage to finish my Trinket quilt top and got My Supersized Small World trimmed and bound, but the weather’s been awful the past couple of days, so no photos of either. Finally, on Sunday, I got round to making a pincushion I’ve been needing for weeks, ever since I brought my new pack of pins into rotation (I like to switch them out about once a year) It’s not complicated, but I really just needed something simple to make as I was a bit knackered.

Finishes This Week:

Here’s My Supersized Small World, do you like it? ;o) I hope to get out to the carpark in the next day or so for real pics.

And here’s the pincushion – no judging on the OCD please!

In Progress This Week:

I have no photos of my Trinket top, but I’ll get one along with My Supersized Small World. I’ve decided to back it with my Rainbow Triangles BOM top, thereby killing 2 birds with one stone on the quilting front!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Extending my Rainbow Triangles BOM top to match my Trinket top (just waiting on the fabric arriving)
  • Hopefully getting my car back from the garage with a fixed read suspension and 2 new tyres
  • Maybe back to my 90 blocks project, maybe my partly done Melody Miller bag, who knows?!

Have a great week all :o)