Over the past couple of weeks I’ve definitely been feeling that spring has sprung, not least when I come to close the curtains at night and realise how late it is before it gets dark (of course now that this is past 9 pm it has meant I’ve been rather late getting to my bath and bed some nights because I didn’t notice the time!)

Speaking of baths though, this has been a new regime for me this month, not because I suddenly felt unclean, but because a conversation with my personal trainer led to a realisation that my sleep had been getting worse and worse over the previous few months as I was going to bed and then over analysing the day I’d just had, rerunning things I could have/should have said/done and generally taking a long time to even drop off, which wasn’t doing my exercise regime much good as I get up just after 6 am to go to the gym. He suggested reading in bed for half an hour to wind down, but I’d been kidding myself on that I’d been doing that anyway, when in reality most nights I was just postponing it to the next night, or holding the book and letting my mind wander off to rehash arguments and stresses from the day. I decided I really needed to hold myself captive and do something that I couldn’t get out of to kind of force myself to relax, and so now I have a bath for anything from 20-45 minutes each night before work, and when I climb into bed (at the same time as before) I pretty much fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I wonder how this is going to go when the weather warms up, but I’m certainly going to stick with it for now – so if you’re having trouble sleeping, I advocate baths for all ;o)

On the sewing front, I’ve been plugging away at my 90 blocks project, and I’m now up to 66 blocks. It kind of feels like the end of this phase is in sight, although I do seem to have left a few of the more complex ones to the second half of the blocks! This week we have another bank holiday weekend, and it’s an early Killearn weekend for this month, so I might get a couple of tops finished there before getting back to the blocks.

Finishes This Week:

I got the bag from last week finished… and then promptly forgot to get photos, sorry!

In Progress This Week:

This is my most recent batch of blocks – remember that these finish at 4 1/2″, so you’ll appreciate that there’s some seriously foutery bits in there!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More 90 blocks
  • Finishing a couple of lingering WIPs in Killearn

Have a fab week all!