Brr, it was a much chillier bank holiday weekend there than the Easter weekend was, I think we might have had summer already! Still, I got out on Saturday to see my Killearn ladies (well, those that weren’t gadding around in foreign climes) and we did a wee road trip to the new Kaleidoscope shop at Kippen afterwards. This shop used to be next to Dobbies in Milngavie, but they’ve moved to bigger premises – be warned though, if you want to visit in the next wee while, it’s actually marked as Graham’s Dairy on the signs by the entrance, which is a tad confusing!

On Sunday I spent the day listening to ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney – I had all the plans to sew while listening, but I found I got too caught up in the story so after I cut out the pieces for my new headphone pouch pretty much sat there all day listening and browsing Instagram! I did get some sewing that evening though, and by the end of the night on Monday I had 1 pouch and 5 blocks for the 90 Block Project done at home, and finished a top for Siblings Together at Killearn as well as extending the background of my Rainbow Triangles BOM so it could be the backing for my Trinket quilt.

Finishes This Week:

This pouch is probably a bit too big for my shiny new headphones, but I really wanted an excuse to use some of this vintage Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle linen, and as a bonus I got to use a flower magnetic snap that’s been languishing in my stash for years on the front of the pocket for the charging wire:

This is the top for Siblings Together that Kelly took away to quilt at Killearn:

In Progress This Week:

These are the blocks I got finished for the 90 blocks project. As you can see I’m now onto the blue/purple section of the rainbow, 71 down, 19 to go!

This is the top I extended, although I don’t have a final photo of that:

And I realised that I hadn’t shown you my full Trinket quilt that will be the other side (so it’ll be a double header of Alison Glass)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More 90 blocks
  • I have a few other ideas bubbling away, we’ll see what reaches the surface!

Hope you all have a fab week!