So as expected I didn’t get much sewing done this week as I spent Friday night and Saturday with my mum and gran (and more late nights at the day job than I care to think about) but I did get to hand over last week’s finish to be tried on, sorted over a year’s worth of scraps into their relative coloured bags (whilst thinking, yet again, that I really need to use a bunch of each colour to make them their own coloured basket as the plastic zip lock thingies at the top are breaking) and managed to make a start on the first of 2 blocks to finish off a bee quilt from about 5 years ago.

This weekend is another long one and on Sunday a bunch of us from the gym are off up a big hill, so if you could keep your fingers crossed for no precipitation that would be fab! The rest of the time though, I hope to get some sewing done.

Finishes This Week:

Slightly cheating, but here’s last week’s finish as modelled by the recipient. The pattern is the Rivage Raglan by Blank Slate Patterns which was lovely and easy to make (once I’d sussed the seam allowances on my overlocker):

This is the pile of scraps that is no more:

In Progress This Week:

This is a bunch of bee blocks I unearthed while looking for something else the other day:

And here’s my start on the first of the 2 I need to make (now you understand how I got into the whole scrap sorting mess in the first place!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing those blocks and then the quilt top
  • Picking up one or two other orphaned projects I unearthed along with the bee blocks
  • Digitising last week’s drawings for the project that kicked off the unearthing thing in the first place, although I didn’t actually find what I was looking for…

Have a fab week all!