So this week has been kind of a ‘rabbit hole’ week. You know the kind, where you start off looking at starting something, do a bit of research and fall down the rabbit hole on the internet only to emerge hours later? Well it all started on Saturday with prospective father’s day presents, which then morphed into ‘well if I do that, maybe I could also do this’ which then snowballed (can you get snow down rabbit holes? Whatever…)

On Sunday I decided to try and do some work on the shop web pages and that had some more rabbit holes, and ended with the computer nearly going out the window. I shall revisit it when I’m feeling less frustrated by the mystery disappearing prices on the product pages, or why all my categories are in white on a white background so no-one can see them, and why the new plugin I installed to make things easier to find can’t tell me what size the photos need to be so I’m randomly experimenting and generally swinging and missing.

Finishes This Week:

None, although the website nearly finished me off…

In Progress This Week:

This is what kicked off the rabbit hole freefall on Saturday (he’s getting an IOU for father’s day ;o) )

I got another 12 HSTs done from last week’s project, but it didn’t seem worth a new photo!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Maybe a few HSTs
  • I suppose I’d better start working on that IOU too!

Have a great week all!