Oh man, what a couple of weeks! So last week was kind of the culmination of the not sleeping and then a reaction to the stuff I took to try and help me sleep, then having finally got back on my feet and a good 6 1/2 hours sleep one night, then I ended up being told at 4pm last Wednesday that I had to go to Weybridge for a meeting on Thursday with a colleague who was afraid of flying, so we’d need to do it all by train (she’d had a lot more notice, I was a last minute stand in for someone else who was off sick!) That meant leaving at 5 am and getting home about midnight, so bang went a good night’s sleep then! It’s taken a few days, but I think I might have cracked it again…

As a reward for my journey to the ends of the earth and some other extra hours I’ve had to do, I get this Friday and Monday back as TOIL, so I hope to get back on an even keel then – I also get to play with my Killearn friends on Saturday (wedding season has seriously disrupted our summer room bookings!) so that should help.

Finishes This Week:

You’re having a giraffe!

In Progress This Week:

I sewed a crap ton of HSTs for a quilt I’m working on – the good news is that with my handy Clearly Perfect Angles and Clearly Perfect Trimmer, I got things done a lot quicker than the more traditional, draw a line and then trim round all 4 sides jobs, to the extent that I was getting 24 sewn, trimmed and pressed in under 30 minutes!

Here’s the 3 stages of HST with my handy tools (both available in the shop either individually or as a bundle)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Adding the hanging sleeve to My Supersized Small World ready for FOQ
  • Basting my Trinkets and Rainbows
  • Putting those HSTs to good use

Hope you all have a fabulous week!