Sorry about last week, in the end the sleeplessness and a bad reaction to something that was meant to resolve the issue pretty much wiped me out, especially as I got back to work, only to be sent 400 miles down south at the last minute to replace another ill colleague, which did not improve the sleep issue over the next few days. This last week though, I got a long weekend as I got my TOIL back (the perks(?!) of a 5am-midnight day, plus another couple of late nights), so on Friday I relaxed in the sun down at the park with my book (having been to the gym in the morning, I earned it ;o) ), on Saturday I played with the Stirlingshire Stitchers in Killearn, and then got some sewing done at home on Sunday/Monday. I haven’t got a finished thing, but I do have a ‘more done than it was before’ thing.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

I got no sewing done in Killearn since I had an issue with the plug of my machine (and no tools with me to repair it), so I cut a bunch of things, tinkered with Sheila’s machine and had a bit of a chat.

These are all my HST units joined together, and I’m now on the way to a bunch of star blocks:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Star assembly
  • Finishing the cutting I started in Killearn (too much chatting!)
  • Printing out a bunch of FPP patterns for the ‘other side’ of the quilt I started cutting in Killearn. I seem to be embracing double sided quilts these days!

Hope you have a great week all!