Apparently we’re on the mad roller-coaster at the day job at the moment, not least because my fellow team leader is off on his holidays and apparently that means all the crazies can try it on with me (alas the ‘playing daddy off against mummy’ game isn’t quite panning out like they want, turns out daddy’s the soft touch ;o) ) It’s eaten into my evening sewing time a bit, but I’m hopefully on track to have a finished star top for Siblings Together by the end of the week in time for it to have a photo shoot at Killearn on Sunday.

Finishes This Week:

The last of my patience

In Progress This Week:

This is the point where I had 6 rows of stars completed, now I’m sashing them before adding the final borders.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the star top
  • Cutting the rest of my Christmas quilt top at Killearn
  • Maybe even start sewing the Christmas top if there’s not too much gossiping!

Have a great week all