So this week was all about Festival Of Quilts, which rather overran everything else, especially any additional sewing. However, I did do two classes at FOQ, so I’ll show you those today. This weekend, once the nightmarish return to the day job has calmed down again, I’m going to gather all my thoughts on the rest of the event and write up a few posts, but I hope this teaser does you for now!

Finishes This Week:

You’ve got to be joking!

In Progress This Week:

The first Quick & Easy class I did was Steampunk Crazy Quilts: Block Or Pincushion with Tamara Schultz. I opted for the pincushion version, however it hadn’t been clear from the class description that this was an entirely hand sewing based class, and if you recall ‘hanging-sleeve-gate’ from a few weeks ago, you’ll realise that I smiled sweetly and watched everyone else! Tamara was nice enough to tell me how to do it via machine when I got home though, and she positively encouraged photos of her many samples. It gave me all sorts of ideas about things to experiment with too!

The other Quick & Easy class I took was Map Fragments with Alicia Merrett. It was a class that had appealed as soon as I saw it in the catalogue – I love a good map, and was intrigued to know how Alicia did it. I did get a little way through the session, however again it came to a bit that involved machine quilting, and several of us decided we’d just take our partly done samples home to finish in the correct order, so I’ll have to get back to that too. Again we got to take sample photos, so I know what to aspire to!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Writing up about FOQ
  • Putting all the shopping away
  • Maybe starting to play a little
  • Going to Killearn to catch up with the Stirlingshire Stitchers (after all, I haven’t seen several of them since the gin bar at FOQ ;o) )

Have a fabulous week all!