So it’s been an interesting week – working late most nights last wee to get a code deployment in and then 2 colleagues giving both me and my partner in crime for code deployments the various plagues they’d brought back from their holidays (we sit in between the carriers). It meant that the weekend, when I got to it, wasn’t quite as productive as I’d hoped it would be on the sewing front as I ended up calling NHS24 on the Sunday to get an emergency inhaler, which then triggered a trip to the doctor on Monday morning, which then triggered enough meds to make me rattle when I walk, give me horrible stomach ache and wire me to the moon so I can’t sleep (but hey, at least I can breathe!). This too shall pass (in about a week when the meds are all done) but in the meantime you’ll find me randomly tidying parts of my kitchen storage that haven’t been touched in, well, let’s not go there, and eyeing up the hall cupboards of jam packed misery at 3 am (I have held off on that til a more civilised hour, it would not amuse the neighbours who can sleep!) Oh, and writing lists, lists of what to take on holiday in 6 weeks, list of things to make, lists of things to buy, lists of things to do to be kinder to the planet in terms of my consumption of things and of course, the lists on this blog post.

Finishes This Week:

Believe it or not, there are actually 2! I got the binding done on my Moda Building Blocks using some long hoarded Ann Kelle Bermuda Stripe, but a combination of weather and the aforementioned drug side effects meaning that I’m not going into the office this week (and therefore not visiting my pet carpark) means that this will just have to do for a photo for now:

I also gave Pandora a new home on a backpack I made just for her. I may or may not have had too much fun making that pompom with a pompom making set that I’ve had for the best part of a year and never used before, but now want to make pompoms of all the things (it’s the drugs, it’ll wear off)

In Progress This Week:

Lists. Hunnerds of lists.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Tidying those hall cupboards
  • Regaining a sense of normality
  • Maybe sewing some stars together into a quilt top (as long as I don’t feel like I could sew through my finger at any moment while tripping on steroids)
  • Pulling some fabric for the lists of things I now need to sew to save the earth
  • Not cutting anything for new sewing for the moment because I’m pretty sure the drugs would make for a very bad result!

Have a great week all, hope it’s way more normal than mine…