So the week of the steroids is over and I now have a ridiculously clean flat (I’m also ridiculously happy that I’m no longer eyeing up random corners of my flat and pondering things I could do with them in the middle of the night!) As part of my cleaning, I tidied up my sewing area and unearthed a bunch of WIPs, a number of which were very close to being done, so I decided to get them done and out of the way, or at least as many as I could. I still have a few that are in progress (along with a few that I created a list for at about 4 am one morning) but it feels nice to clear some of the decks at least.

Finishes This Week:

This wall hanging was so close to being done, it just needed to be tied and top stitched around the edge, plus a couple of hanging corners added (which I’d forgotten to add when I sewed the back on and which is why it got put to one side while I sulked about it)

I started these luggage tags for a magazine article that got shelved about 18 months ago, but they were all cut out and lying in bits, so I finished them and binned another one in faux leather that wasn’t looking the way I wanted.

These woven coasters were actually the corner cut outs from a basket I made a couple of years ago, and I’d kept them to make them into coasters, just hadn’t got round to it. It took me less than an hour to get therm finished…

In Progress This Week:

I’d left the fabric for this block for my 90 blocks project out in about April, but after realising that the whole project wasn’t going the way I wanted I’d stopped, in a huff. I got the block done because I will find an alternative layout for them, but I’ll not do the last few now until I’ve worked that out.

I’ve started using a few of these templates which I picked up at FOQ for a pouch project I also unearthed:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish the applique pouch x 2
  • Maybe pick up another of the WIPs, work dependent (as we’ve got a big release coming up)

Hope you have a great week!